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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Va caregiver stipend amount

Instructions and Help about Va caregiver stipend amount

Hello my name is Jamie Taylor and through the VA Caregiver program I am considered the primary caregiver for my disabled husband I wanted to take a few minutes and give you a little bit of insight about the program because if you're anything like I was you're probably pretty apprehensive about even getting into it believe it or not it was a pretty smooth and easy easy ride getting through the whole thing it was a lot quicker than you expect with most anything the whole process took me about two months to get through the beginning from applying to the very end when I got my backpack basically you go to the website ww-where giver va.gov and you can get a bunch of information about the program you also get the application from there and you print it out and they just want basic information your name and address and stuff and I'll tell you where to mail it right after I mailed mine out it was within a week I heard from my local Caregiver Support Coordinator the lady I spoke with she was very friendly as she began to tell me a little bit more about the program and the things I can expect she also went through rundown of the various steps and everything she said that she also asked me a handful of questions about the things that I do in caregiving for my husband right after that she said that the next step they were going to send a questionnaire to my husband's doctors and that's where they would decide exactly how much caregiving my host means based on his disability it was about another week when I heard again and they said that based on the answers from the doctors they said that I qualified for the tier three they have three different tiers and it's based on the number of hours of care that the disabled veteran requires Tier one is ten hours a week tier two is twenty five hours a week and Tier three is four full 40-hour week so they told me that I qualified for the 40-hour week and that's how your stipend will be based on for your pay anyway so the next step was training and they asked which way I wanted to handle the training as they have a class that you can go to they have a website that you can do it on and they also have a workbook that they can send to you and you can do from that I chose the website as I'm not always really able to get out of the house and I didn't really want a workbook floating around and maybe the kids get a hold up or something so I figured the website would be the best option for me it was about another week when I got an email that gave me my login information for the website and I got all.

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