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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Va caregiver program 2022

Instructions and Help about Va caregiver program 2022

Hi everyone its boonie today is Veterans Day and I firstly want to say thank you for your service our school also had a ceremony to commemorate Veterans Day and share a little bit about what our veteran students and military students have gone through and what their experiences is like and I also wanted to share that my partner the love of my life is a combat vet he it was a Marine who served two tours in Iraq and there's just some things that I've been difficult to talk about and I totally get it so I can't speak on behalf of veterans I can only share my observations of what I think the hardships are you know I can't imagine what it personally feel like to have that heavy weight or to think about things that you've seen or the things that you've done or the things that other people have done and you wish that you could have done so I can't speak on that I can't speak on what it's like to have a loved one who has served specifically in combat and the ups and downs that we work through together as a team but it can be hard at times you know I just wanted to mention that since being in the military there's sometimes this macho masculine hyper masculine type of culture where sharing of motion is not allowed and there's a stigmas for mental health I just wanted to voice that I understand why it could be difficult for military members to share their stories or seek support or continually seek support because it's not always the best care that you get the VA could be spread out and you know if you don't have the right questions to ask you probably just get the minimal type of care and this leads to my wants to promote education and empowering military members as well as loved ones to seek information there are source sources for information for caregivers and loved ones of those with PTSD and they're specifically a telephone group for the National VA caregiver support line it's you can sign in and log in through the VA and they'll you know send you emails every once in a while with the psychoeducation so educational things related to combat PTSD how to work with your loved one and actually just to talk to each other about what's going on and offer each other that solidarity because it can be hard it can be the love of your life and it still can be hard you know doesn't mean that it's something that you're gonna stop doing just because it's hard at times that's not the point the point is to have that support because like I said before mental house digna is very strong in this country we tend to cut funding for certain programs and I'm not gonna rant about that but public funding for certain things related.

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