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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Temple va caregiver program

Instructions and Help about Temple va caregiver program

So I had previously stated previously stated the information in regards to VA caregiver support okay this program is in regards to you know family such as siblings spouses parents kids that are eighteen year olds or old or older that are taking care of a veteran they can be supported by the VA financially and support in regards to you know offering help dealing with the stresses of dealing you know taking care of your veteran to find out if the veteran is illegible you just go to caregiver da gov you click on the check your eligibility and you could go with the questionnaire and also call the one eighty seven seven two two two vets which is eight three eight seven this program is just like the Medicaid Medicare program where they you know they'll pay based on the state home aid salary how much homemade gets paid hourly within the state and then afterwards depending on how many hours you spend with your family your veteran taking care of them and how much you do for them is where you'll get paid by eight here so top tier will get you around twenty five hundred dollars tax-free in New York well New York City for or at least New York at total for the second tier you're seeing about between fifteen to sixteen hundred a month tax-free and bottom tier which is the note here you're getting roughly around a hundred dollars tax-free again at the end of the day is based on what the home aid makes what what a home aide makes that that you know hourly within that state now before you know that once you become eligible you know the the family member will go through a process where they're gonna get certified and after the certification you know they're gonna get nurse into them and the coordinator is gonna get assigned and they're gonna go through a scoring guide to see you know basically put you in a tier you know that would allow them to pay the the caregiver on what they do for the veteran in the way that tier works is based on ADL ADL is the activities of daily living and if we go here on the better personal care you will see that activities of daily living could be you know bathing dressing using the toilet moving from one position to another eating you know things that we do every day and they escort so that's coring the way that scoring system works goes four equals four total assistance three equals four maximal assistance to moderate assistance one minimal assistance and zero equals completed independence now the for total assistance means that the veteran can compete less than 25 percent of its tasks the next three is between 25 49 percent to is fifty to seventy-five percent and one is for seventy-five percent and you know up to 99 the rest is you know complete.

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