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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Va caregiver program 2022

Instructions and Help about Va caregiver program 2022

Hi I'm Sherman Gilliam junior executive director of Paralyzed Veterans of America I'm here to talk to you about the VA s comprehensive Family Caregiver program currently this program is only available to veterans who are seriously injured on or after September 11 2022 this state of injury requirement is unjust and indefensible additionally veterans of any era with a service-connected illness are ineligible for the program in the Navy from August of 79 to October of 94 when I broke my neck I think that we were all at any time just trying to protect the nation or serving the same country so I personally think the benefits should be dispersed a little more evil I don't see how you can put a value on someone because of a certain event or certain War I think it should be across the board find a way to make it happen across the board the program currently provides respite care a monthly stipend paid travel expenses to attend veterans medical appointments and healthcare through can't be a catastrophic disabled veterans require the most intensive and expensive institutional care by providing caregivers the means to care for veterans at home VA can delay these costs are perhaps most importantly these veterans will have more time at home in their communities and among those they love if there was no possibilities of caregiving to afford it and they would have to be institutionalized my husband would be put away somewhere and I would not be able to be with him all day our life would change drastically if we could get extra help that would make our life much much easier working with David I physically lift him I have to push and pull and balance him so I do have to take care of myself and when you're taking care of somebody especially at David's level there's very few times that there is a safe zone where you can just take a deep breath and let it go there are certain things that able bodied people have absolutely no idea if this clothes are put on properly you can put into bed at night and there'll be a sort saying that it's too expensive to support the people that have made it work offers can be here there's a little ridiculous I think perhaps the people in Congress do not know the extent of the care that is needed for the veterans I think that if they actually thought about it or was exposed to it they would see that there is absolutely no reason why we can't do more for our veterans after we've asked them to give their all for us please act now caregivers are our nation's heroes and selfless strong individuals and the veterans they care for need your support so they can live the fulfilling lives they deserve.


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