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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Va caregiver program stipend

Instructions and Help about Va caregiver program stipend

Okay I'm guessing that she probably did not want to be here you know things didn't happen 20 years ago I was 48 and I have a massive stroke my right side was paralyzed and I could not talk reader arm I was practicing law and teaching at the law school but all of the sudden just like that it was gone the career by the grace of God my god I was able to did not die was not paralyzed and was able to talk again and so I'm able to do what I can do now and what we're looking to do is is to help people a lot of I've got this book y'all may have some books I'm not only have plenty of clothes this is one that I found and in the front and the introduction that said you don't choose elder care elder care chooses you when elder care comes knocking on the door many people run in the opposite direction but not you whether you assume the job sought it or inherited their responsibility out of obligation even guilt you accept it willingly or otherwise your role as caregiver I thought I'd do this very informally but I've got a number of power point presentations but I pulled this one out see this book two of three older people with disabilities received all care from family caregivers another 25 percent receive a combination of family care and pay and whilst income and benefits over care caregivers lifetime it's estimated from two hundred and eighty four thousand dollars for men and three hundred and four thousand dollars for women why the women is higher than the men but I guess the work more possibly at any rate that's a lot of money and so maybe some of the caregivers they'd get paid now I don't know when you all are this with this caregiver a situation but and so maybe what we can do is just talk about some situations and see what you when your situation is what we do is that we deal with personal care of dreama's for caregivers family personal care or credit so typically a family member is the caregiver however we do this for a couple of reasons one is for the VA and the VA you sickly pick a number that we use so that we so that the income and the medical expenses match up so we do that and it's a pretty loose personal care dreamer and they don't the vid and really much care what you do with the money but then we do another personal care agreement for Medicaid because if you file for Medicaid they are looking for all the gift within the last five years and if you have that family caregiver who is paid they will try to say that all the payments are gifts so you have to have should have a written agreement that talks about exactly.


How is VA caregiver stipend calculator?
Computation of the monthly payment amount. Multiply the number of hours of care needed for the appropriate tier (10, 25, or 40) by 4.35 to determine the number of hours of care needed per month. Multiply that number by the hourly wage rate for a home health aide in the Service member's geographic area of residence.
How much does a family caregiver get from the VA?
þ The 2022 monthly stipend amount for a Primary Family Caregiver of an eligible Veteran in Dallas, Texas, at this rate (100% of $33,638, divided by 12) was approximately $2,803.17. While not guaranteed, OPM may make annual updates to the GS pay tables.
Does the VA back pay for caregivers?
How Often Will A Caregiver Receive A Stipend Payment? The stipend is paid monthly for personal care services that a primary family caregiver provided in the prior month. Once an application is approved, the stipend will be retroactive to the date the application was received by the VA.
Does VA caregiver stipend count as income?
Will my stipend be taxable income? No. the stipend is a VA enhanced service and is not considered taxable income.
How long does VA caregiver process take?
How long does it take? The Caregiver Program has up to 90 days to respond.
How is VA caregiver stipend calculated?
For example. If an eligible Veteran requires 10 hours of personal care services weekly (Tier 1) and the Caregiver's hourly wage (including COLA) is $10 per hour, then the monthly stipend would be. (10 hours x $10) x 4.35 = $435.
How long does the VA caregiver stipend last?
2 years from this date, we'll further expand the program to include family caregivers of eligible Veterans from all eras who were seriously injured in the line of duty.
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