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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Va caregiver program pay

Instructions and Help about Va caregiver program pay

Are you part of the Sandwich Generation taking care of both your kids and your parents or maybe your kids are grown but you now your parents need the help it can be overwhelming and isolating but there is help financial help you may not know about it if you happen to be one of these caregivers yes and share funds Topeka Daily Pope is attorney Brendan Daley to talk about exactly what kind of help there is thank you so much for being here people would never I've never heard of this that actually if you're a caregiver there may be a way you can get paid for taking care of your parents yeah and I see this quite a bit with my clients and adult children who want to keep them at home in the West restrictive environment that a nursing home and they're doing it's out of the goodness of their heart right there are the parents right and oftentimes they're leaving her job or taking a leave of absence and this is an income replacement to have a caregiver agreement in place now they say there's about 35 million unpaid caregivers in the United States that's a lot of people yes a lot of people 80,000 unpaid family caregivers right here in Connecticut and most of them are doing that's a book that's more than a part send up 24 hours a week of caring for their parents that's that's the average that's correct so how do we go about getting finding help what's the first thing that we should do well some you need to see an elder law attorney okay and have a contract prepared it has to be structured properly because if it isn't and the parent goes to apply for Medicaid benefits then the transfers the amounts that were given to the caregiver child could be considered gifts if this is all done incorrectly okay so it's got to be done properly in order to compensate the child so when you think is it mean the money is coming actually from your parents of state or is there federal money that no no no no from the parent themselves giving the money to the child but if this is done improperly the state of Connecticut if you apply for Medicaid might misconstrue this and call it a gift our gift so it's got to be done properly structured so that your parents from their state are actually paying you sure wait you know and there's so many different laws and so many different things as look-back periods for people transferring money and giving you know like they say oh I'm gonna sign my house over you know they start to get sick and within a year they sign the house that's not good enough right now you got to go back and back and back tell us a little bit about that it's a five year period so when somebody applies.

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