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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing va caregiver program 2021

Instructions and Help about va caregiver program 2021

America's Heroes I really appreciate it and I want to thank the staff for being here as well I also want to thank you for your quick response with regard to our veterans that Bay Pines I appreciate that so very much mr. secretary I have a couple questions do you have a legislative proposal to improve or expand the program the current law has the criteria of one activity of daily living in the law so it does not give us the ability to change that criteria okay can we work with you on a legislative proposal absolutely okay now it's very important to us again we want to make sure we get that as soon as possible to Congress and and we want to work together thank if this done because I am also supporter of the pre 9/11 veterans that they need to care and also I have a proposal a concept the heroes range concept that I'd like to discuss with you as well okay for you know again the veterans should have a choice but if they don't have the caregiver available qualified caregiver I don't want to see them in a nursing home you know so again it's a quality of curation all right a couple questions here again in your testimony you mentioned that VA heard concerns about the inconsistent implementation of the program which led to the strategic revoke review in April 2021 what were the immediate actions that were taking a response to those concerns we looked at the policies and procedures and refine them we then went out and did training for all 350 caregiver support coordinators across the country we met with caregiver groups and their families and veterans and talked to them about the program we published a new website which had clarity on it and when we rolled it out there was greater consistency in decision-making as evidenced by a 20% reduction in reeve occasions around the country okay I've heard from stakeholders in my district that there are still inconsistencies in communication and process with regard to the clear eligibility requirements why has effective communication between VA and caregivers about elegy eligibility been such a challenge for this program again I hear from constituents on a regular basis well I think what we're learning is you can never communicate enough and we just have to constantly be working at doing this better one of the reasons why I established a family caregiver Advisory Committee was exactly for this how do you how do you find better ways to communicate how do we find better ways to hear the feedback and that committee as I mentioned met for the first time in October senator Dole chairs it and I think we're learning a lot from that exactly how to do a better job with communication yeah and we wanted assist in getting the word out as well yeah so please include us thank you again how.


Can veterans use the PX and commissary?
Can veterans use the PX and commissary? Are military commissaries open to all veterans? What does Trump’s new Veteran's Bill, that he signed in Las Vegas, do to help vets? Are all U.S. Veterans eligible for services in the Veterans Hospital system? Do you think America will re-elect Trump? Why or why not? Besides all the negative criticism, what good has President Trump done that the media mostly ignores? What good has trump done in the country since being elected as president? What has President Trump done that is good for America? To those who support Trump, what is an example of a lie that the media has spread about him?